Desert Yoga Escapes 

Details and Booking Info:
'Desert Yoga Escapes' are the perfect, short getaway to recharge your batteries and get outside into Las Vegas' incredible natural landscapes.  You'll be picked up and transported to the epic Red Rock Canyon where, after a short guided hike to a secluded, scenic spot, you'll enjoy a private yoga session.  In the final relaxation you can rest listening to the peaceful sounds of nature before enjoying the scenic drive through red rock, arriving back in the city feeling refreshed and relaxed.
Availability: Please get in touch for availability, we can find the perfect time for your escape! Sunrise and sunset options available for additional charge. TiMings effected by seasonal weather.
Location: this template is based on Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas.  Entrance Fee is included and entry reservation will be made on your behalf.  if there is another location you would like to explore, please get in touch and we can figure it out together!
Pricing and Booking: these prices are based on the template above.  Alterations to this template will effect pricing.  Prices include Pick-Up and drop-off from your chosen location, entrance to Red Rock (or many other National parks), Yoga Mats and Props (if requested), Water.
Solo: If you are a solo Yogi, please get in touch! You have 2 options- you can form a group with other Yogis who have Also been in touch (Group Pricing Below) or for a private trip the cost is $120
2 People: $150
3 People: $180
4 People: $200
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