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Desert Yoga Escapes 

Joshua Berg Desert Meditation.HEIC
'Desert Yoga Escapes' are the perfect, short getaway to recharge your batteries and get outside into Las Vegas' incredible natural landscape.  The experience includes a short guided hike to a secluded, scenic spot where you'll enjoy a private yoga session with your group.  In the final relaxation you can rest listening to the peaceful sounds of nature before enjoying the scenic walk Back to the pick-up spot.  You'll leave feeling refreshed, Relaxed and ready for your next adventure.
Details and Booking Info:
Availability: Please get in touch for availability, we can find the perfect time for your escape! Sunrise and sunset options available for additional charge. TiMings effected by seasonal weather.
Location: We use a couple of secluded, scenic locations on the outskirts of the Las Vegas Valley, usually about a 30 minute drive from the Strip. The chosen location will depend on group size, time of day and time of year. Depending on the size of your group we may or may not be able to offer transportation to the trail-head.
Pricing and Booking: Any Alterations to the template Experience will effect pricing.  You could add Yoga Mats and Props,  Pick-up and drop -off (depending on group size) or make it a  longer, extended session. Please 
contact to tailor your 
private escape.

Solo: If you are a solo Yogi, please get in touch! You have 2 options- you can form a group with other Yogis who have Also been in touch (Group Pricing Below) or for a private trip the cost is $150

2 People: $240 - $120 pp

3 People: $330 - $110 pp

4 People: $400 - $100 pp
Get in touch
contact me with any ideas, questions or bookings at: 

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