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Guided Meditations

Joshua Berg Meditation

Guided Meditation 

Guided Meditation 2 ( EDITED)Joshua Berg
00:00 / 15:01

This is a 15 minute guided meditation using breath awareness and body relaxation.  It is best used if practiced regularly each day but may also assist in relaxation as a one-off. No experience or props are necessary, although if you are sitting cross-legged you may want to lift the hips on a pillow or something similar. Enjoy! Namaste.

Sense Meditation 

Sense MeditationJoshua Berg
00:00 / 13:51

This short meditation is suitable for any level of experience and can be used as part of a regular practice or on it's own to relax. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended but no props are necessary. Feel free to sit or lie down and enjoy. Namaste.

Guided Savasana 

Savasana - 8 Minute Body RelaxationJoshua Berg
00:00 / 07:56

This is a spoken guide for Savasana, the final and most important Asana (Pose) in the Practice.  Please feel free to use this recording at the end of your own practice to maximize the relaxation and benefits of Savasana or, to take a short break out of your day, you can use it on it's own, at anytime.

Enjoy! Namaste. 

Yoga Nidra  

Yoga NidraJoshua Berg
00:00 / 31:58

This is a Yoga Nidra practice. Yoga Nidra or 'Yogic Sleep' is a guided, relaxing practice in which you're able to access the deeper layers of the mind; levels of consciousness usually associated with sleeping, whilst remaining totally aware.  In advance, Please get blankets, pillows and any other props you need to be really comfortable - once you start the recording, try not to move. Lastly, decide on your Sankalpa - a short, positive statement; a resolve or affirmation based around whatever it is you want to gain, lose, change....state your sankalpa in the present tense eg 'I Am successful in all that I undertake' or 'I AM full of confidence and Joy'. Have You're Sankalpa memorized in a clear, concise phrase before you begin.

Enjoy! Namaste. 

NB: The First 4 minutes are instructions, practice begins around 4 mins.

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